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Homeless People

                                        Homeless people


Homeless people could be living on the street because of low income, natural disasters, and threat and violence. Also they might be a refugee or an asylum seeker. Commonly homeless people are middle aged people and alcoholic people. It is also when they are rejected from the society or community. The homeless people live on the street without a house. Also homeless people can be rejected from their family or relatives. Some homeless people don’t stand out for them selves but some do.


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Asylum Seeker

Asylum seeker are people that come from other countries to our country because their country might be at war or their government told them to leave the country and go to another country. Asylum seekers are very poor and they have to come on fishing boats and hide from immigration people. When the asylum people come to Australia they have to go through process of testing them ,after the test has been done they decide to stay in Australia or go back to their country .The detention centre is a fully fenced placed with a lot of refugees that comes from other countries because their country might be danger. The people that come from other country might be at threat or they might have been told that they might be killed.

The government can give them comfort and give them jobs. And give them houses rather than putting them in the detention centre or the prison. Also the government can support them and make them involved in Australia’s works. Also they can let one family out each year and let them be free.


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