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The Unkind Government Xtranormal Movie

Xtranormal Movie


Guest Speaker

Mrs Casuscelli Her job is to look after people with AUTISM. Her jobs are to also teach teachers about children on autism and how it affects others. Mrs Casuscelli is the NSW team leader for professional development. She has taught 4800 teachers in NWS about autism. People with autism can get stressed a lot, also the government is spending $190,000 million on the pakage to help the autistic people in NSW and asutralia

Julia Gillard wants no people on the streets and no people with out a home by 2020.And Also she is promising about 60,000 House built in the coming years. Also her party is putting in 5 million dollars on homeless people and marginalized people.
Tony Abbot is putting in 93 million dollars to help the homeless people and the people who are struggling in their families. Tony Abbott will be pledging 20 billion dollars to make more properties more affordable .He is making more help services and health facilities for people that are  sick and need treatment.

Response For Guest Speakers

What did I learn from Linda and Toni?
There are only three centres for men and children in NSW. That America has the most homeless people. Some homeless people prefer to live on the streets. The government is making people homeless by demolishing houses and moving the people in them. The houses that are given to homeless people by the government, they are allowed to live in that house for up to twelve weeks. When they are living in this house they have to be searching for a house to live in. St. Vincent-De Paul provide education, food and accommodation. The homeless people get free food for two nights a week.
What can I do to help them in their work?
Some ways are by donating money, also by fund-raising. Another big way of supporting them is to donate food , clothes and furniture. Also by encouraging others to support and help them find a home and to get them of the street. By giving them a hamper at Christmas times.


Inquiry we are learning about marginalised people and homeless people.On Friday a person from Minnie Vinnies came and talked to us about the homeless people and what they do to help people who live on the streets and they don’t have a home.

Homeless People

                                        Homeless people


Homeless people could be living on the street because of low income, natural disasters, and threat and violence. Also they might be a refugee or an asylum seeker. Commonly homeless people are middle aged people and alcoholic people. It is also when they are rejected from the society or community. The homeless people live on the street without a house. Also homeless people can be rejected from their family or relatives. Some homeless people don’t stand out for them selves but some do.


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